State and Local Disclosures

Wheelchair Accessible Van Dispatch

In some cities, Pick may partner with third-party companies to provide wheelchair-accessible van services. These companies may maintain insurance policies and coverage independent of those which Pick offers, and may acquire, train, and screen drivers and driver applicants, as well as acquire, maintain, and inspect vehicles through processes independent of those which Pick uses. When using the Pick app for access to wheelchair-accessible vans, you may be connected with a driver who underwent these independent processes. Additionally, you may be connected with a vehicle which underwent these independent processes and is insured by these independent insurance policies.


1. Your personal insurance policy may not provide any coverage, including liability coverage, collision physical damage coverage, comprehensive physical damage coverage, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, personal injury protection, or medical payments coverage while you are using your vehicle in connection with the Pick digital network or software application, either while logged in to the network or engaged in a prearranged ride, depending on its terms.

2. If your vehicle has a lien against it, providing Transportation Network Company services might violate the terms of your contract with the lienholder.

3. Pick prohibits discrimination or refusal of service based on location, destination, race, color, national origin, religious belief or affiliation, sex, disability, or age.

4. Pick Drivers may only refuse a ride to a passenger acting in an unlawful, disorderly or endangering manner.

5. Pick Drivers must provide service to passengers with a service animal.

Contacting Pick

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