Why Passengers Love Pick™

Why Passengers Love Pick

We picked apart the industry. Then we made it better. Ridesharing services are relatively new to the market and they've been game changing. But with newness comes opportunity - opportunity for improvement.

With our exclusive, patent-pending technology, Pick Riders and Drivers can select each other and a pickup is only scheduled if there's a match - giving you more control and confidence. As a passenger, our app allows you to read Driver reviews and see photos of car interiors and exteriors. Then, select if you'd like to accept that Driver or pick another. Unlike our competitors, we don't automatically assign pickups, we allow you to decide before you ride.

We're revolutionizing the ridesharing industry. Riders can not only rate their Drivers but also save their favorites so they can easily pick them again. Because of this, our exclusive consumer-choice model incentivizes Drivers to provide best-in-class experiences - cleaner cars, higher-end vehicles, friendlier service, you name it!

With our service, you really can cherry pick the Drivers you like best. To get started, you'll first need to download our app and set up your profile and payment method. After that, it's easy to request a Pick ride. You'll know everything about your Driver, their vehicle, and the estimated cost to your destination. Plus, we'll automatically email or text you a receipt upon completion of your ride. We've made it so easy and totally tailored to you.

All of our Drivers go through rigorous background checks, including criminal and driving history. So you know that your Driver has been vetted and approved by Pick, our app features each Driver's full name, a photo headshot, license plate number, and car make, model and color with photos. This way, you'll know exactly which vehicle to get in when your ride arrives. The entire experience was designed with you, our Riders, in mind - your comfort, your safety, your choice.

With our new ridesharing service, it really is your way on the highway. So, go ahead - take your Pick!

Ready to ride with Pick? Download our app.

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Why Passengers Love Pick™

Why Passengers Love Pick

Unlike our competitors, who assign rideshare pickups automatically, our patent-pending Rider/Driver matching technology lets you decide before you ride™.

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The Pick™ Driver Difference

The Pick Driver Difference

Our patent-pending matching technology incentivizes best-in-class experiences. Happy customers come back. That means more business and more money for our Drivers.

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Recruit Drivers, Make Money

Recruit Drivers, Make Money

With the Pick™ Opportunity, you can become an Independent Business Owner and make money off every ride completed by the network of Drivers you recruit.

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