The Pick™ Driver Difference

The Pick Driver Difference

We're revolutionizing the ridesharing industry one pickup at a time by giving decision-making power to both Drivers and Riders. Our exclusive Pick consumer-choice model incentivizes Drivers to provide best-in-class experiences. When customers have better experiences, they come back. That means more business and more money for our Drivers. A win-win-win!

Our app allows Drivers to accept pickups from Riders in the area, similar to other ridesharing services. However, only Pick allows Riders to read Driver reviews and see photos of vehicle interiors and exteriors before they accept the pickup. Similar to popular dating apps, there has to be a match before the pickup is scheduled. It's the only ridesharing app in the industry to deliver this option - and because this exclusive, patent-pending technology belongs to us, Pick will always and forever be the only service to offer it.

As if that weren't groundbreaking enough, we also offer the ability for both Riders and Drivers to save their favorites and be matched with them again.That way, if you had a really great customer - whether they're fun to talk to, really nice, or provide great tips - you can save them and they'll appear at the top of your list if they request a ride while you're in the area. It's a great repeat-business model for our Drivers. Conversely, if you give a rating of 1-star or less to any Rider, we'll also make sure you're never matched with them again. It's quality over quantity on both sides of the ride.

So what does it take to become a Pick Driver? It's easy. You'll need to pass a background check, have a valid U.S. driver's license, provide proof of insurance, and your vehicle must be 4-door with a maximum capacity of eight people. And, because we know everyone's schedules are different, there are no minimum ride requirements to maintain your Pick Driver status. To read more about Pick Driver requirements, visit our FAQs.

It's easy to start making money with Pick, and you can continue driving for other ridesharing companies, too - but with our fast growth trajectory and personalized service, you may not need or want to. Plus, we're also the only ridesharing service that allows you the option to become a Pick Independent Business Owner, where you can recruit other Drivers and make money off every ride they complete (in addition to your own). Why? Because we don't just believe in ridesharing, we believe in profit sharing too.

Ready to become a Driver? Enroll here.

For more information about being a Driver, visit our FAQs.

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Why Passengers Love Pick™

Why Passengers Love Pick

Unlike our competitors, who assign rideshare pickups automatically, our patent-pending Rider/Driver matching technology lets you decide before you ride™.

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The Pick™ Driver Difference

The Pick Driver Difference

Our patent-pending matching technology incentivizes best-in-class experiences. Happy customers come back. That means more business and more money for our Drivers.

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Recruit Drivers, Make Money

Recruit Drivers, Make Money

With the Pick™ Opportunity, you can become an Independent Business Owner and make money off every ride completed by the network of Drivers you recruit.

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