Decide before you ride.

Pick™ is the only ridesharing service where Riders and Drivers can pick one another.

Why drive with us?

With our exclusive patent-pending matching system, Riders and Drivers are given the power to choose each other. An industry game changer.

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Why recruit for us?

You can build a network of Drivers and make money off of every ride they give. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of something huge.

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Decide before you ride.
Become a driver, be an innovator.

Become a Driver, be an innovator.

You'll be among the first in the industry to provide more choice and control to Riders. More choice brings more demand which means bigger earnings for you.

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Recruit Drivers, build your network and watch your Pick™ profits roll in. As an Independent Business Owner, your success and potential earnings are unlimited.

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Discover the Pick™ Opportunity

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Why Passengers Love Pick™

Why Passengers Love Pick

Unlike our competitors, who assign rideshare pickups automatically, our patent-pending Rider/Driver matching technology lets you decide before you ride.

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The Pick™ Driver Difference

The Pick Driver Difference

Our patent-pending matching technology incentivizes best-in-class experiences. Happy customers come back. That means more business and more money for our Drivers.

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Recruit Drivers, Make Money

Recruit Drivers, Make Money

With the Pick™ Opportunity, you can become an Independent Business Owner and make money off every ride completed by the network of Drivers you recruit.

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